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Garnier Haircolor Announces Blanca Soto As Newest Haircolor Ambassador
PR Newswire (press release) - Apr 24, 2014
Ms. Soto will be featured in print and TV ads for the Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color Series. The Ultra Color Series includes shades that are specifically created for dark hair by using color boosting technologies that offer dramatic lift and visibly

L'Oreal's Garnier taps Tina Fey, Blanca Soto as spokeswomen
New York Business Journal - Apr 24, 2014
L'Oreal's Garnier taps Tina Fey, Blanca Soto as spokeswomen Writer, producer, actress and all-around funnywoman Tina Fey, who has been the face of Garnier Nutrisse hair color since 2011, is expanding her relationship with Garnier USA to become the new face of the label's skincare line. Fey, former star of NBC's

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бланко supra, мойка.

What I Learned about Style from Green Day's “When I Come Around”

Oh, Green Day. Once upon a time, years before the Berkeley band ventured into Broadway musicals and any endorsement deal that came along, they were the model for every 90s slacker, from punks to alterna-rockers. And of all their videos from that era, “When I Come Around” is the most slackerist. Absolutely nothing happens in the video. They just sort of amble around together aimlessly while a bunch of creepy people look out their windows. Oh and a couple makes out on a car. But somehow, through the nothing, Green Day taught me and a ton of other 90s kids a few things about style. And then eventually, they started looking like, as I affectionately call them, the Punk Rock Golden Girls.

Let's begin…


CASUALLY PULLING A PAYPHONE OFF THE HOOK IS LITERALLY THE COOLEST THING A HUMAN CAN DO Because of this video, I will to this day still pull a payphone off the hook if I pass one. Unfortunately, you almost never see payphones anymore, and if you do, there’s usually some homeless dude using it to have a pretty heated discussion with his imaginary lawyer. Pulling phones is a careful art though. You can’t just say, “Hey guys! I’m gonna go pull that payphone off the hook. Watch how hilarious! Everybody watch!” No. You’ve gotta be all casual. When you’re walking past the phone, pull it off and keep walking. Don’t look back, don’t check anybody’s reaction, and for damn sure don’t laugh. If someone asks about it, you should be like, “Oh, did I pull the phone off the hook? I didn’t notice.” *shrug shoulders, put hands back in pockets*

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Как повторить образ актрисы Ани Чиповской?

Микс, состоящий из BB-крема Garnier и тонального средства собственного производства, наносим синтетической кистью для тонального средства Smashbox, растушевываем все спонжем Beauty Blender. Для дополнительного сияния кожи в тональный микс можно добавить немного иллюминайзера Сверху

Бойкот российских товаров: как выиграть войну, не выходя из супермаркета

Бойкот российских товаров: как выиграть войну, не выходя из супермаркета

«Сто рецептов красоты», «Рецепты бабушки Агафьи», «Чистая линия», «Черный жемчуг», «Бархатные ручки», «Лесной бальзам», «Natura siberika», «Garnier» - все это продукты российского производства. Украинская продукция представлена похуже – в первую очередь это продукция фармацевтической компании

49ers' grass is greener at Levi's Stadium

49ers' grass is greener at Levi's Stadium

The 49ers and field consultants West Coast Turf chose the Bandera strain for Santa Clara because of its deep green color, its strength and durability, and its low (50 percent less) water consumption. Installed by crews last Thursday and Friday the 106