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Experts at Bath's Chic Boutique give us their advice on how to get the perfect ...
Bath Chronicle - Dec 20, 2014
Experts at Bath's Chic Boutique give us their advice on how to get the perfect ... If it is to be a drastic colour change we would recommend starting off with Wella Color Touch or Wella Color Fresh. These are high quality products that give off high shine - 63 per cent more shine in fact - they help to strengthen the hair and they

COLOR CORRECTION: Homemade Purple To Platinum
ModernSalon.com - Dec 20, 2014
Process to a pale blonde. Step 3: For the last 5 minutes apply the same lightener with 20 volume mixed with Olaplex to the mid lengths and ends until the faint green disappears. Step 4: Rinse and apply Wella Color Touch 9/03 natural/gold to glaze

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COLOR CORRECTION: Homemade Purple To Platinum

Taylor (@Vividartistichairdesign), owner of Vivid Artistic Hair Design of Pensacola, Florida, was not overly concerned when her client was "over" her home refreshed, proud purple hair. Taylor effectively offered this fashion color to platinum reversion...accomplished in one appointment/same day.

"The client refreshed her violet Pravana Vivids on her compromised platinum hair one week prior to her appointment with me," says Taylor. Here she offers the HOW TO on this correction:

Step 1: Apply Pravana 000/20 volume with Olaplex to remove the first round of Vivids. ("It started removing the color before I had even finished applying the formula...within 10 minutes"). At this point the color ends up a faint seafoam green.

Step 2:  Rinse, dry, and apply your favorite lightener with 20 volume developer to the regrowth. Process to a pale blonde.

Источник: ModernSalon.com

FORMULA: Modern Silver

Felix Alejandro Esparza (@hair_by_alejandroesparza), of the Family Hair Care Salon, El Paso, Texas, loves playing and experimenting with colors and hair. "I love new challenges with different textures and techniques," he says, "but the most important

Окрашивание волос краской Wella Color Touch.

Окислитель для Wella Color Touch 1,9 или 4 %. Попробуйте с 1,9 - для тонирования его будет достаточно. Краски должна быть 1 часть, а окислителя 2 части, т.е. в два раза больше. Краска очень хорошая, крашусь ей год, волосы не портит совсем. Ответить; Пожаловаться; Постоянная 

A Dip Disaster Overhaul

A Dip Disaster Overhaul

To break the harsh line of demarcation, I balayaged subtly around the face and crown to soften the base." "For the second setep, I double toned the hair. For the first toner, I used 9ng + 6vol from Wella Color Touch to feven out the tone. For the