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HOW-TO: Red-Violet Color Technique by Katey-Bug Browne

Of the positive feedback for a color technique and formula she created. She posted the finished product to Instagram , and the image was quickly shared to Wella Ed’s Instagram and “liked” more than 700 times. Go Katey!

In exchange for all the recognition she was receiving, Browne shared her color technique with the world. She used Wella Color Touch .80oz 44/65 + .50oz 66/45 + .25oz 5/66 + .50oz Special Mix 0/45 + 4.5oz 1.9% emulsion to achieve a red-violet hue.

Browne says it was a traditional all-over Wella Color Touch technique; she divided the hair into four sections, started in the back and applied color base and ends. The color processed for 20 minutes, then she rinsed and blow dried the hair. Browne says Color Touch is what gives the style its shine.

Источник: ModernSalon.com

HOW TO: Such a Beautiful Fall Shade

Step 5: Tone with Wella Color Touch 6/71,7/1 1:1 and a ribbon of 0/68. Mix with 1.9% Color Touch developer 1:2. Applied all over the highlights. Process for 15 minutes. Step 6: after the final color is achieved, shampoo and blow dry. Using a 1.5inch