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TRANSFORMATION: Stand Out Gray Ombre
ModernSalon.com - Aug 05, 2015
TRANSFORMATION: Stand Out Gray Ombre Step 2: Using Blondor and 30 volume (with Olaplex) apply a foil overlay to totally saturate the blonde more quickly and add more dimension. Process to level 9 then shampoo and dry completely. Step 3: Tone with Wella Color Touch 7/89 with 6 volume

Тонирование волос
Woman.ru - интернет для женщин - Aug 05, 2015
Девочки,здравствуйте! Подскажите,пожалуйста! Вчера дома сделала тонирование wella color touch 5.0 и 4% оксид. Но вышло светлее,чем хотелось, как будто и ничего не изменилось (свой цвет тоже на уровне 5, но когда как-то делала на оксиде 1,9%, вышел цвет более темный 

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COLOR CORRECTION: Homemade Purple To Platinum

Taylor (@Vividartistichairdesign), owner of Vivid Artistic Hair Design of Pensacola, Florida, was not overly concerned when her client was "over" her home refreshed, proud purple hair. Taylor effectively offered this fashion color to platinum reversion...accomplished in one appointment/same day.

"The client refreshed her violet Pravana Vivids on her compromised platinum hair one week prior to her appointment with me," says Taylor. Here she offers the HOW TO on this correction:

Step 1: Apply Pravana 000/20 volume with Olaplex to remove the first round of Vivids. ("It started removing the color before I had even finished applying the formula...within 10 minutes"). At this point the color ends up a faint seafoam green.

Step 2:  Rinse, dry, and apply your favorite lightener with 20 volume developer to the regrowth. Process to a pale blonde.

Источник: ModernSalon.com

Wella Color Touch Sunlights

. Карина | 21.04.2015, 15:58:51 [1582771363] Карина. Девушки, подскажите, пожалуйста! Все время красилась краской Селектив 9.0 (натуральный блонд) на 9%. Сейчас забеременела и хочу перейти на безаммиачную краску. Корни отросли примерно на 2 см, 

HOW-TO: Flower Braid

HOW-TO: Flower Braid

Stylist Sarah Lewis (@sarahshairlewis) of Escape Salon in Claremont, California created this floral piece of hair art. The client's color was already done. The base is 3N Pravana. “I had done a full balayage on her before and lifted her with Wella

Brand New Look: Silver Bob

Brand New Look: Silver Bob

Step 3: Tone on damp hair with Wella Color Touch 8/81 from mid to ends. Process for 10 minutes then rinse and dry completely. Step 4: Then apply Wella Color Touch 7/89 to roots and random places throughout mid length and ends. Process according to